Saroldo’s Greatest Treasure

Author: Saroldo
Released In:

My dearest daughter,

If you are reading this, you have undoubtedly received notice of my passing. In such an event, I entrusted my friend Nicolas to acquire the ledger and see it delivered to you at your academy. I can almost hear your groan - one of my last gifts is to be one of those puzzles I found far more enchanting than you.

But I confess I am not entirely certain I ever wished you to solve it. The life you thought I lived was not entirely as I explained. You see, I have fallen deeply in love with a woman in Abah's Landing. I am ashamed to say I feared your reception of Lady Sulima. She is not your mother - nor is she meant to replace her. Yet we each know the pain of loss.

The greatest treasure I can provide is a future where both of you are family.

I can only assume you have balled up the letter and thrown it at something. Now that you have recovered it, please continue.

Think of what you have done so far. You solved the puzzle in the ledger, you traveled to Abah's Landing, you located a patch of sand in Hew's Bane and dug up an old chest. You managed to get the strongbox open without a key to do it.

All of this led you to read my final words. Seeking Lady Sulima in Abah's Landing should be no trouble. She does not know your name, but she has seen your portrait and is eager to meet you. She can tell you the good, strange life I've had with her. And she has a small fortune that will help you get on your feet, once you've graduated from the Academy. You'll be whatever you want to be, and despite my departure, there will always be someone there for you.

I can only hope you will be there for her as well.

All my love,

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