Maerolor’s Chronicle

Released In:
Author (in-game): Maerolor

Anthelmir keeps trying to crush me with that construct of hers. Normally, this doesn’t influence my mood, but I have a lot of my own duties to see to right now and she’s being very distracting. Maybe I should show her some lenience. Her ambition is one of the things I like best about her. But with the invasion of the Oathsworn already underway, she should focus more on her own tasks than trying to make her overgrown tree kill me.

I suppose we’ve never been a conventional pair. Most find it off-putting when their partner attempts to end them, but it’s always been a sign of Anthelmir’s passion. She cares so much about me and what happens to me. And I can’t help but appreciate how she’s found a clear way to communicate her displeasure.

Do I know why Aradros requested that I stay by his side and Anthelmir deal with the Lodge of the Axe? No. And, honestly, I’m surprised Anthelmir is taking such a harsh stance against me. I thought she would love testing the Lodge of the Axe to see if any of them were worthy of joining us. But no, even the thought of crushing Axeborn Khurga couldn’t please the love of my life.

It’s very fortunate that I am difficult to kill.


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