Malofar’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Malofar

We found it! Just where the map described it. The legends say that a group of giants came to this land long ago and settled in these caverns. It is the perfect place for me to continue my research and experiments!

To think that those fools in Skyrim were frightened by my work. How dare that milk-drinking thane banish me! But there were too many of them. My clan had no choice but to pack up our belongings and set out for this desolate location. Luckily, that was exactly what I hoped would happen. It put me closer to not only this sacred cavern, but it put the Emerald Chalice finally within my grasp.

The Emerald Chalice has served me better than I had hoped. Its magic worked exactly as I expected but I was unsure of whether or not my modifications would take hold. With the cup’s magic, I have transformed my entire clan into Goblins. (Serves them right for complaining about me getting them driven out of Skyrim.) And with only a few modifications to the cup’s magic, they are now fanatically loyal to me, as well.

I secured this inner sanctum with an ancient Nord rite of protective ice. My loyal Goblins believe that the runestone keys are powerful relics to be worshiped and protected. No one will be able to wrest them from their hands! Thanks to the Goblins and the magical barrier, I finally have a safe place to conduct my research. And soon, I will have my revenge on those fools back in Skyrim.

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