Zayshara’s Second Note

Released In:
Author (in-game): Zayshara

We Baandari, we travel. But always we return to the warm sands. Green lands, instead of gray. The sounds of soft voices, laughter. Azin returns to us as he always does and laughs to see how Elzhar has grown. Big enough to travel, he says, tossing you up in the air so that you laugh and laugh.

So we traveled and traded. We are respected for our trading skills and our ability to range far and wide. We have traveled farther and seen more of this strange world than many others, this one believes. The moons, they bless our travels.

Everything was good and fine. Until we came to Wrothgar. Cold. Danger. Loss. Attacked by savage creatures. Usuri saw old ruins and we ran for them, thinking to take shelter. As Usuri and Shura build a fire, this one looks for you. This one looks for days and days, my beautiful son.

The wind and snow have removed all traces of you.

But a mother knows. My Elzhar, he is alive. The others look upon this one with pity in their eyes. Even Azin, who grieves. But this one knows she will whisper nonsense to you again, my son. We will play games and this one will hear your laughter again.

A mother knows.

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