Dawn of the Exalted Viper

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Regent Cassipia is no more! Now I am the Exalted Viper, elevated to the ranks of the Celestials and imbued with the power to change the world! Or, at least, I soon shall be.

Thanks to the secrets I have unveiled within these ancient Nedic ruins, I have replicated the process by which the Nedes were able to imbue mortal creatures with celestial energy. Using techniques perfected by the alchemists of the Scaled Court and the runescribers of the Iron Orcs that were tested upon the mantikoras and the trolls, I have developed the means to transform my mortal frame into a conduit for Aetherial power.

Of course, none of this would have been possible if not for the discovery—or re-discovery—of the primal element called red brittle by the locals and nirncrux by my alchemists. The crimson substance can be extremely dangerous in its natural state. But thanks to the refinement processes we were able to reproduce from the ancient texts, the stable version of the element provided the key to making the transformation possible.

Now we stand upon the shores of a new world. Once the process is complete and I emerge from the spawning pool as the Exalted Viper, I shall be an equal to the Celestial Serpent. I shall be like a god! But not a fickle or absent deity. Oh, no. The Exalted Viper shall be present and active, destroying the imperfections of the old world while creating a perfect new realm that I shall rule over.

And my love, the bright and innocent Little Leaf, shall be at my side. Perhaps I’ll even elevate her. After I have secured my own place, of course.

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