Minwileth’s Diary

Released In:
Author (in-game): Minwileth

Elisa is getting worse. She tries to hide it, but Bakh and I know her too well. We’ve been running around together since we were kids. There are no secrets between us.

It’s just not fair that out of all of us, she’s the one who had to get sick. Elisa has always been our rock, the one that keeps us together during our lowest points. She’s the kindest of all of us, the funniest, and she’s always been the most creative. To most people, we’re all just a bunch of no-good thieves who drink too much and roam Fargrave’s alleys like rats. But Elisa is so much more than that. She’s selfless, beautiful, inspiring, and loving.

Every mortal who ends up in Fargrave knows the ins and outs of life in the Celestial Palanquin. We all run the risk of contracting the Drain. It’s difficult to be afraid of something so inscrutable. Some mortals can live in Fargrave for decades without even a whisper of it affecting them. Whenever we hear of someone getting the Drain, we always shy away from it. We say things like, thank goodness it wasn’t me and surely that will never happen to me. We foolishly believe that we are invincible.

It’s torture watching Elisa go through this. I can’t even fathom how terrifying it must be to be aware that you’re losing your mind. The panic in her eyes when she can’t remember something breaks my heart.

But Bakh has a plan. It’s risky, but I’m willing to try anything. Even if it means we have to leave everything in Fargrave behind, it’s worth it if we can save Elisa.

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