Waking Flame Correspondence

Released In:
Author (in-game): Sister Celdina

Doombringer Rizareen,

Lyranth the Dremora attained the portal key. I want it.

Send Devastator Rullen and a few acolytes to retrieve it, but make it clear that the key is worth more than their lives. Without it, our plans could face a significant setback. Our time to get the cataclyst up and running grows short.

I am loath to relinquish the blade for this task, but we must take the Dremora off the board. Her interference can no longer be tolerated.

Once you have the key, just line up the symbols as I’ve diagrammed here. It should open the portal that will take you to our base in Oblivion. Then you and the others can bring me the portal key. We’ll need it to access additional realms from this location.

And bring the schematics. Do not leave them behind. The last thing we need is for them to fall into the hands of someone opposed to our vision.

Return to us soon, along with Devastator Rullen. You may witness the next test of the cataclyst. After that, we shall release disaster upon the mortal realm.

In Dagon’s name,
Sister Celdina

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