Application of Flame for the Uninitiated

Author: Graguz
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This was a previous version of Application of Flame, and does not appear in game.

Graguz, Master of the Fire Elements

Flame purges the incorrect thinking from the uninitiated.

Using certain stones for the unconvinced to stand on is important. Some stones heat up too quickly, and the pain is too intense too soon, causing a state where the uninitiated become too panicked to hear reason and accept the ways of the Vosh Rakh. Rounder, larger stones heat up slowly, allowing the uninitiated to better understand their situation and opens the mind to clearer thinking and approved choices.

Candidates 124 and 125 from latest round-up. Resistant, as expected. Try simple barrier technique first, no personal application of flame. Proselytizer A. insists a higher wall of flame should be tried, but I feel strongly that managing the potential panic level is more conducive to a successful conversion. 125 seems likely to beg for release and proper instruction first - good soldier candidate.

Candidates 121, 123 and 123: 2 did not survive, 123 is being fed and minor burns are being attended to. They will be a suitable candidate for the trials, assigned handlers will make sure they attend lectures and training.

Candidate 119, 120: Panicked. 120 survived but is weak-minded. Useful as a loyal servant, turned over to others.

Candidate 118 - fear of fire worked quickly after seeing the prior four candidates being handled. Need to explore the usefulness of this method - many people have a fear of fire, for reasons I will never understand. Probably weak minded.

Candidates 114- 117 - all resisted until the "personal" application phase. All successful conversions, post healing.

113 — fainted, landed in fire and died before anyone noticed.

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