Sondivel’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Sondivel

I’ve finally done it. The metal—tyranite calx—is malleable with the right application of heat and magic. The bonding causes more irritation to Argonian scales than to salamanders. Still, when under my influence, the subjects don’t complain of the inflammation or irritation whatsoever. Under my latest series, my subjects are completely suggestible, bright and eager to carry out my every instruction. My will is their desire. They seem lucid, and when de-attuned return to themselves with a gap in memory as if no time has passed at all.

There will be no more “breaking through” like Sharp did, with his exemplary willpower and resistance. When I find him and attune him once more, his memories will return and he will remain as “Sharp” as ever. Minus his irritating desire for freedom. Then again, that was always what made him special to me. I owe this breakthrough to him, after all. If only he were here for me to thank in person.

It is so satisfying to be here at last after I was nearly ruined by my early experiments. My ambition was too much for my loved ones; it cost me many friends and several advantageous betrothals. When I was alone, and Sharp remained as the sole survivor of his crop of slaves, I realized how remarkable he was. I dearly miss the talks we used to have. No one, slave or otherwise, challenged me like Sharp did. None are his equal in conversation. His defiance always served as an accelerant to the fire of my inspiration, a whetstone to the blade of my endeavors. He was—is—my perfect experiment, my final challenge. I cannot be angered that he was coerced away from me, even at the cost of his memory of me, for surely I would not have had this breakthrough without losing him. If I can bend him to my will and still keep intact what makes him unique, I’ll know I’ve succeeded. My name shall ring in the ears of every mage from Necrom to Daggerfall, but it will be a minor success in comparison to having Sharp back. It is not enough to have him within arm’s reach—I need him eating out of my hand without risk of him biting it off.

Many times I have imagined our reunion. I am certain he must be in want of his memories; why else would he not have sought me out and tried to kill me? That he was always far more curious, far more watchful than he liked to let on works to my advantage. He may deny that he misses what has been taken from him—but I can be the promise of his wholeness.

I just need to find him.

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