Notes on Razak

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Razak was beyond brilliant. If the historians back in Cyrodiil are to be believed, Razak was on the verge of his greatest creation before his death: a truly autonomous construct, able to operate without a control rod and outside the bounds of Dwemer cities. If we could harness, find, and replicate this device, the Imperial war machine would be unstoppable.

That is, if we could get in his damned vault. It’s locked shut, and resists every effort to open it, conventional or magical. The door has three keyholes, each with an alchemical symbol—or something like it—above it. I’ve ordered my men to search for the keys, but they’re soldiers, not archaeologists. We’ve found nothing.

Still, we’re close! One door stands between us and an army that never sleeps. Never stops.

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