Cavot Agnan’s Breakthrough

Author: Cavot Agnan
Released In:

If this works, this is the official record that Cavot Agnan was the first spellcaster to successfully raise an undead army with the use of lucent crystals. But I am getting ahead of myself.

While those other scavengers crawl around in the sand hoping to stumble across the arcane knot for Xoryn, I’m using my time slightly more productively. What all previous attempts to claim the arcane knot have failed with was a lack of numerical superiority. This is an entire citadel buried in the sands of Fargrave. No one is going to be able to effectively scour it for an object that few have seen and fewer can describe.

I am going to use my magick and abilities to conjure an army of the dead so great that we could destroy and rebuild the entire citadel in a day. I will forge an army from the skeletons of all who failed here. The only issue being that I currently do not possess the strength to control that many reanimated minions. But I believe I have solved this issue in a clever and resourceful way. This is the Lucent Citadel. Lucents are used to store energies. Necromacy uses magick which is a type of energy. So, I can force the crystals which fill this fortress to act as conduits for my spells and use them as proxies for the army I am about to amass.

It’s a good plan. I’m quite pleased with it. The only problem is that I’m not sure the lucents are as suited to house necrotic energies. I tried imbuing a few different crystals with my magick and they reacted in a strange way. They released the souls I intended to trap within them, or the energy rebounded and created pockets of ethereal energy in the room. A few lucents behaved appropriately, so I will continue my experiments and keep vigilant for any other unplanned expulsions of necrotic energy.

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