Orders for the Recruits

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Once, you bent your knee to the tyrants who drive this war. Now, under the cloak of the Ascendant Order, your true purpose becomes clear. In your footlocker you will find the resources you need to complete your mission—an anchoring lodestone and a mystic sigil.

Place the lodestone at the base of the mast and complete the mystic phrase scribed upon it. That will alert us to the ship's location and anchor the storms upon the sea.

When you see the clouds approaching, snap the sigil in half. Each has been imbued with a powerful magicka-dampening pulse that will stop the tyrants from escaping. When the tyrants lie dead, the future will be ours to control!

After the ships are wrecked and you wash ashore, come to the Tarnished Grotto near Tor Draioch for your just reward.

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