Unfinished Letter to Pronobius

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

To High Priest Pronobius Hebrin

I know that you have, by now, heard that the only son of the duchy of Giovesse was cruelly murdered by a spurned lover. The woman who is suspected of the foul deed, a Redguard, seems to have fled back to the desert sands from which she hailed. It seems doubtful that she can be brought to justice. Mathen, the son, is greatly mourned. Like his father before him, he was well liked by all in Giovesse and beyond. He was adored by his mother, though some say she was a bit more controlling than loving. I do not judge, only offered advice or counsel when asked.

As you know, I have faithfully served the Galenus family for decades, This position has not been without its occasional troubles. The late duke was a devout man, but his lady wife, Duchess Astella, is perhaps less so. She does of course attend and oversee all the rites and rituals as someone in her position must do but I have always thought that perhaps her heart was not in it. However, with the loss of Mathen, I now genuinely question her devotion to the Gods and the path of light. I wonder if your grace might consider a visit to Castle Giovesse to take counsel with the duchess.

I do not wish to put to paper of some of the rumors I have heard recently, about what she might be doing in her private study, that she has tomes related to the darker arts. Nor how she rails and rages about the loss. She clearly cannot pass into a state of acceptance of such a fate.

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