Letter from Inalieth

Released In:
Author (in-game): Inalieth

Dear Master Bastian,

I hope you remember me. By my reckoning, you would be about fifteen now, nearly fully grown. You were very small when last I saw you, but I have thought of you often over the years.

I was a servant to your lady mother from the days before she married your late father. I also cared for you for a time after your mother passed away. I brought you to House Silvelle in Daggerfall and I worked for them for a few months. But I was forced to leave when you were still quite young.

I want you to know that you were your lady mother’s main care and concern, even when she grew very ill and knew she was dying. She set aside jewels from her own dowry to provide you with funds for education and such. She asked me to take you to live with your sister as soon as we were allowed to leave House Silvelle. Clairene is quite a bit older than you and was already married when your father was disgraced. But somehow it seems the Silvelles were given charge of you instead. I asked several times when your journey would continue, but never got a satisfactory answer. Soon after, I was dismissed.

I now reside in the village of Redfur, where I work at the Hearty Hoarvor Inn. I have some family in Grahtwood and I am comfortable enough these days. If you would write to me there—or if you are ever traveling in this part of the world—it would do me a sight of good to see or hear from you and know that you are well.

With care and fondness,

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