Bandit’s Letter

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

That stupid Khajiit’s initial crop was decent enough. Because of it we were able plant a larger crop in the creek bed after finally getting the area free of those insipid nix-hounds—only to be utterly overwhelmed by fetcherflies a few days later. It seems that reducing the nix-hound population has somehow increased the fetcherfly population. Either that or a fabled fetcherfly hive golem was able to form in here somewhere. If I would have known this previously, I would never have agreed to that Dark Elf woman’s bribe.

When Rathal and the other two useless morons get back from exploring the western cavern for more of that stupid Khajiit’s research, I may put together a fetcherfly hunting party. Try to rid these caves of these blasted pests and their constant annoyances.

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