Black Soul Gem Manifest

Released In:
Author (in-game): Denogorath


Do not weary me with excuses. Your shipments to the Warehouse of Souls will be on time, filled with whatever souls are available, or it shall be you and yours that make up the difference. The portals to the Warehouse are easy to open if you have not forgotten the most basic of gate sorceries.

Keep the pressure on the slaves and use as many as you require, but make sure to replenish those you use up. Lord Mannimarco will not take kindly to finding a deficit in his soul-shriven.

Speaking of which, be alert for particularly potent ones. The gem the Lord croons over like a precious doll seems important to him, and I can only speculate what manner of mighty soul is trapped within it. He has left it with me temporarily, to safeguard it during his meeting with the God of Schemes. We can only assume that bringing Mannimarco more such potent souls would earn us rewards.

One other thing; do not think I am unaware of your attempts to undermine my status with Grand Necromancer Nustaril. I advise to you cease such activities. You are not as clever as you think, and will never replace me as Dread Archivist.

But if you are truly eager to serve in the Warehouse of Souls, I can arrange your conversion into a flesh atronach. The archive privies need a servant to muck them out.

Remember your place.

— Denogorath, Dread Archivist

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