Unfinished Scroll

Released In:
Author (in-game): Hubert


Sorry for the delay in sending you this letter. I know I might not get to deliver it for a while, but I wanted to write to you about Bearclaw Mine right away. It’s been a long journey, but I know it’s going to be worth it.

We don’t go out of the cave often, of course. There’s a reason this place is called Bearclaw Mine. The bears are as fearsome as you’d expect, but that’s worked out well for us. It means there isn’t any competition here. As long as we’re quick and quiet, we can make a lot of coin here very quickly.

Thank you again for selling the house. That should buy us more time with the debtors, and we’ll be able to settle our accounts soon.

I don’t feel good about bringing my family here, but you know how those moneylenders are. I actually feel safer with them here than back there.

Marisse is taking this all rather well. She brought a few books, and she’s reading them to Alain. Her lessons are still very religious, but if that is what it takes for her to get through this, that’s fine with me.

I hope everything worked out getting the profits to the right people. We’ll be back as soon as we’ve got enough to pay of the rest of the debt.

May the Divines watch over you. May they guide and protect us all.

— Hubert

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