Moldy Journal

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

14th Second Seed

Raining again. One wonders why I did not bring proper supplies to this place. Supposing the Bosmer who lived around were anything more than savages was a mistake.

20th Second Seed

Assistant has gone missing. I expect I'll find her body in the river, if the hoarvors don't find her first. A shame.

1st Mid Year

As long as my notes remain dry, I believe I can continue to work. The savage Elves hold so much untapped knowledge in their oral histories. It must not go undocumented.

5th Mid Year

Bitten by one of those infernal insects, the hoarvor. I pray the wound does not become infected and slow down my work. At least I still have my hands and my wits.

30th Last Seed

Winter rains washed away my crude calendar. Further entries will have approximate dates. Unfortunate, but unavoidable.


Witnessed several pilgrims at the shrine. Tried to hide my presence but to no avail. I fear they will send a search party. I must remain vigilant and ensure they do not interrupt my studies.


The cold bothers me less and less. I have devised a new ink recipe which holds a better line than my other efforts.

Rain's Hand?

My scrolls have gone missing. I don't remember moving them. If they've been washed away, this has all been for naught. But I must not despair. I will find them.

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