Cracking the Elden Tree Vault

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Problem 1: Troll guarding vault.

Solution: Fire hurts trolls. Burn troll with fire. Troll dies.

Note: Burnt troll leads to troll fat. Bring bowls to catch melted troll. Resell to Mages Guild.

Problem 2: Guards guarding vault.

Solution: Fire distracts guards. Mages Guild makes kindlepitch. Set fires in Mages Guild. Guards leave to put out fire.

Note: Burnt Mages Guild may prevent selling of troll fat. Find alternate buyer?

Problem 3: Vault has exceptional magical protection.

Solution: Find mage who devised security for vault. Threaten to burn mage OR burn mage, just a little. Slightly cooked mage reveals secrets.

Note: Troll fat poultice soothes burns. Offer to sell troll fat to slightly cooked mage?

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