A Brother’s Plea

Released In:
Author (in-game): Hjarkborn

Dearest Sister,

I must admit, your last letter has me troubled. Dovah Thurvokun leaving has left us all worried, and I understand your apprehension. But please, do not let your faith in Sonaak Zaan waver. She has protected us, guided us, brought us to this beautiful temple to worship. To honor her is our life’s purpose.

You say that she has been acting strange, and I would expect nothing less. Her connection with Dovah Thurvokun is strong, stronger than any bond we can imagine. Sonaak Zaan must feel a heavy loss without his guidance, as do we all. I suspect this is the cause for her long hours of seclusion, nothing more. To even question if her power weakens ….

I beg you to keep these concerns to yourself. You were right to address them to me by letter, for I fear the repercussions should you have been overheard. Besides, everything will turn back to normal soon enough. Dovah Thurvokun will make his glorious return, and all shall be well. In the meantime, have faith.

Yours Always,

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