Journal of Kovan Giryon

Released In:
Author (in-game): Kovan Giryon

Librarian Note:

This book was added in the Bal Sunnar dungeon.

They came and they took her.

Matriarch Lladi organized our sires and led them to this mountain shelter. She inspired our people to build the Tower. And most blessedly, she revealed our Inheritance deep underground. Our Mother should have lived a thousand years. She should have rivaled the false gods and protected our people from the corruption that surrounds us.

But for the Scourge. Invaders who appeared from nothing and moved too quickly to see. Villains who cut down our families in a rampage of blood. Who slaughtered the servants that we respected and cared for. They came and in a blinding flash stole our honored Matriarch from her promised home.

We have faith that she will return. I refuse to believe that such base monsters could have killed someone of her strength. She will lead us to glory again.

I also know the Scourge will emerge once again. Like worms crawling to the surface after a hard rain, they will come to destroy our home.

This is why I prepare.

The lessons I’ve learned from our Inheritance are numerous. I have seen indescribable things. Events I’ve only read of in books. Tragedies of a scale that I cannot comprehend. And with each vision, I gain in skill.

So, let them come, this Scourge. I am ready to defend Bal Sunnar from any who would cruelly take from us. The Matriarch will see my devotion on her return and praise me.

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