Letter to Bodani

Released In:
Author (in-game): Marinisuu

Bodani, you are as a sister to me.

I know you saw this would come to pass. Your sight is your talent, your gift. You knew how it would come to be, but not why it would come to be. I would enlighten you to honor the bonds which we have shared in our time together.

Many of us are born to The Coiled Path through hardship, but not all.

The Ashkhan of your tribe reduced you to nothing. He took everything from you and he left you without another path to tread. Your choice was that of survival.

You protected and sheltered your people from him. Strong Harrinat, industrious Risannu, little Sahnivaran, and her brother Draitsuul would not have followed you here if they did not believe that you were still their guide and protector. You choose to lead as a Wisewoman might.

But you are now Mabrigash, a Wisewoman no longer in the eyes of our people and our ways.

The Ghost Snake will take them all in time, if you do not send them away. Keep Harrinat if he pleases you, as Trehaddu and Unamaeth please me. But send the others from our camp!

The rest of us were born to The Coiled Path for other reasons, not all as noble and worthy of understanding as your own. Yet all of us gather here at this sacred vale for one purpose—to extend our lives and bring power onto ourselves.

Let your final act of leadership be to send your people to safety.


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