All Bow to Mirrormoor!

Released In:

Lirik, Enuzel, Marukhir, Uldazzan, Ryvekh, Akqoth. It is an honor to serve and fall for any of the Valkynaz, the pride of Mirrormoor! Whichever three tear open the sky in the Weald this day will bring about a new era of glory!

Their plan is brilliant and unstoppable. Around the crux of the incursion, they make themselves hidden in the wilds, using their magic to amplify the rift to Mirrormoor until its power can bring forth the champion!

Shrakkaher, commander of storms!

Rrarrvok, master of tempests!

Krrazzak, tamer of the leviathan!

May the champion summoned pave the way across the Weald for the forgotten realm!

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