Volrina’s Notes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Volrina Quarra

They call themselves the Berne Clan, the bastards! They got my brother, but they didn’t get me. I’ve been watching from the shadows as these fiends feast. Some of these horrors are nothing more than beasts, devouring the life-blood of everyone they find.

But some are curious creatures—curious about the constructs that still inhabit Galom Daeus.

I noticed a particular pair working with the Dwarven spiders, collecting control rods from some to use on others. Whatever the device is, it doesn’t appear to be functioning correctly. They gestured at a mechanical spider and the creature came to life, but it didn’t always work as intended. Sometimes a controlled spider wanders off on its own, other times it attacks. I think they’re trying to get it to unlock a component cache in the manufactory.

I’m sure Barilzar would want the component in the cache if I could get hold of it, but the vampires are too strong for me to deal with.

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