Waking Flame Letter

Released In:
Author (in-game): Doombringer Rizareen

Devastator Rullen,

Your mission is vital. You must not fail. All of the order’s plans and the rewards promised by Mehrunes Dagon depend on the utmost success of your team.

The Dremora known as Lyranth has acquired an item from the Red Petal Bastion. You must find her, track her to whatever lair she is using here in Tamriel, and take the item for the order. The enchanted blade will make sure she cannot interfere, but have whoever wields it time their strike well. She won’t give them a second chance.

Once you take possession of the item, return to the place where umbrage creeps in Greenshade. I shall eagerly await your arrival.

Doombringer Rizareen

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