Death to All Mages

Author: Exarchanic Yaseyla
Released In:

As I stood over my child and felt the heat seep from her body, I knew one thing and one thing only—this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Twelvane. That abomination said her magic could cure the wasting sickness poisoning Javalla. She promised me that her potion would ease Javalla's suffering. But it didn't. Javalla's life ended with one excruciating cry the moment that vile liquid entered her mouth.

Mages are nothing but liars. They say they can heal, but their efforts only lead to suffering and death. Even if they mean well, their powers are vile.

We must band together. For all we've lost. For the safety of the ones we still hold dear. These mages are vermin who must be exterminated before their plague overtakes the entire city.

Kill every mage and every magic-user, but leave Twelvane to me.

Exarchanic Yaseyla

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