Letter to Jakild

Released In:
Author (in-game): Gabbi Forestborne

Dearest Cousin Jakild,

How’s that husband of yours? Still treating you well? And his annoying brother, Kerthor? Still annoying, I’m sure! Are there really enough trees in that part of the tundra for you to make a decent living? And the weather, are the days as gray as the ones in Windhelm?

I hope you’re taking care of my little sister. You know how much Agnedir looks up to you. Of all the cousins, you’ve always been her favorite. Make sure she also keeps up with her forester training!

Have you had any luck finding her a decent suitor? There’s a logging camp to your east. I know some of the loggers. They’re good people. But what about those neighbors you wrote to me about? The ones directly to your west? The rich ones? Any chance someone of rank and wealth will take notice of my little sister? Anyway, may your mead stay cold and flow freely!

— Gabbi Forestborne

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