Unfinished Letter to Summerset

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous


I am writing to you from Reaper’s March, in the northern part of the forest called Valenwood. The ink used is native to the area, and contains several notable properties not found in Summerset inks. Perhaps you can work out the mathematical equations I’ve worked into the margins? Consider these elements my evidence that distance from home does not diminish one’s mental capacity or acuity.

Our beliefs have rarely coincided, as you know, and so it should come as no surprise to either of us that our life paths diverge so dramatically. Know that I bear you no ill will for your words prior to my departure.

Take my silent response as a sign of my love for you, that I would not speak intemperately. My knowledge of the world has increased a thousandfold with Pircalmo at my side, and I have come to believe that perhaps it is the place of some Altmer to live outside of Summerset. Spreading the gifts we have discovered for ourselves to others.

Pircalmo and I plan to return to Summerset, and I hope that you find it in your schedule to ….

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