Letter to Akash

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

My Dearest Akash,

The services you and your tribe have provided are invaluable to my cause. Who but the Wood Orcs could unearth so many remains so quickly? Aside from the Altmer, of course, but they are blind and would move to stop me rather than help.

And your construction of the altars matched my designs completely! I could not have dreamed of a better partner in this. Who knew I would find one in a Wood Orc?

I hope the payment I've tendered pleases your mercenaries, but more importantly, I hope that our relationship still pleases you. To have you at my side through this, the most important act of my life … has provided a solace that surprises even me.

When this is over, when Tamriel is free of war, we'll begin our new life together—me as the ruler of a new Altmeri empire, and you as our herald, the leader of our Wood Orc footsoldiers.

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