Stibbons’ Qharroa Checklist

Released In:
Author (out of game):
Author (in-game): Anonymous

1. Find a shaded pool suitable for chilling Madame’s refreshing libations.

2. Remove the intrusive sand from betwixt the bristles of Madame’s suede brush.

3. Read an improving book about Madame’s current endeavors—perhaps that one about the “Mystery of Gargoyles” that was recommended by the haberdasher in Hallin’s Stand.

4. Remind Madame when she complains of the desert sun that she has an ample selection of parasols in the miscellany trunk.

5. Test the efficacy of the scorpion antivenin purchased in Wayrest by enticing a very small member of the species to sting oneself in a non-vital area.

6. Write a chastening letter to the purveyor of Grobart’s Perdurable Expedition Garb expressing Her Ladyship’s extreme disappointment with the visible wear upon her Guaranteed Impervious Wamasu-Hide Tunic-and-Breeches Ensemble.

7. Surreptitiously check our guide’s knucklebones for evidence of tampering—his luck at play is truly beyond the credible.

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