An Unusual Hare

Author: Maveld Bearfang
Released In:

I don't know much about Hircine's chosen Hare, but what I do know, I know with certainty. It's smart, fast, and near impossible to track. This Great Hunt may be more difficult than any of us bargained for.

Now, I have to admit, I don't have much experience hunting indriks. Or any experience at all, really. Summerset is the only place to find indriks, and though the High Elves may have opened their borders you won't see my hairy hide traveling there anytime soon. I somehow get the feeling that the Altmer don't take kindly to those blessed with lycanthropy.

But this creature, it just isn't right. The tracks we're following lead to dead ends and cliff sides. We'll catch scent of the creature, only to lose it a few moments later. And sometimes, well, I get the feeling that it's watching us. I would say it's just nerves, but I've been hunting far too long to ignore my gut.

The indrik's tracks show more than hoof prints. Burned vegetation, water turned to ice; this creature must possess some kind of elemental powers. We'll have to contend with more than fang and claws, once we do track this beast down. Of course, I would expect no less of a challenge from the Huntsman Prince.

We're getting close now, though. Perhaps the creature is growing tired. Though, at this point I have to wonder. Which of us is being hunted?

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