Letter from the Governor

Author: Provincial Governor Fortunata
Released In:

My dear Lord Jarol,

I look forward to our next meeting. I have always enjoyed our working relationship, and I am ever so grateful that you have agreed to allow us to use the secret chambers beneath your estate for a conversation that needs to remain extremely private.

Our guests should arrive promptly by the usual means. Please make sure they are comfortable and see to their every need until I make my appearance - fashionably late, of course!

And do try to make sure that Count Carolus and the Primate don't throttle each other senseless before I arrive. We have important business to deal with and I need them both focused on the issues at hand. I don't know how they accomplish anything in Kvatch, the way those two constantly snipe at each other.

Oh, and on your way down, why don't you bring me a bottle of your family's best wine? You do have to pass by that way, after all.

Provincial Governor Fortunata

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