Letter to Mother Ciannait

Author: Bani
Released In:

Mother Ciannait,

Hiti, Maefyn, and the others seem pleased with our progress, but in truth, we have little to celebrate. Very little! While they fritter away their days with the simple business of lightning and flame, I toil here in my laboratory trying to unlock the storm's deepest potential!

I must have more corpses, Mother. The sailors our servants dredge up are far too bloated to be of any use—to say nothing of the wretched mess they leave on my examination tables! I need fresh bodies if I'm to make any headway at all.

I proposed a lottery to Gohlla. We would assemble our strongest children in the courtyard and choose one at random every few days. They would give their lives gladly, Mother—of that I am certain!

Our success depends on our mastery of death. Death often requires sacrifice. Think on it.

Your obedient servant,

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