Keeper Ormi’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Keeper Ormi

Sahun and Hjaron visited the shrine today. They asked for Kyne’s blessing before sailing off to join King Jorunn’s war. My sons have grown into proud, strong, honorable men. This will be Hjaron’s first battle, but he will be aboard his brother’s war vessel. Kyne will protect them both.

The war between our king and his brother comes closer to home each day. Many of the Keepers have started to hear that their children, wives, and husbands are dying in battles. I urge them to remain strong. Kyne will watch over their loved ones in Sovngarde. I know it’s hard, but we must not lose faith. We all knew the risks.

* * *
My sons are both gone. I received word that Sahun’s vessel sank in a surprise attack. Killed by Orcs, of all things! Why would Kyne allow this to happen? Why take both of my sons? They were all the family I had left. And killed by Orcs? What a disgrace! Why would Kyne allow this? Why would she do this to us?

* * *
Kyne is a lie. She does nothing. Our prayers fall on deaf ears. We have found another to embrace us, one who feels our pain and knows the hardships of war. I would never have given myself to a Daedric Prince before, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

She knows the pain we feel. We are no longer the Keepers. We embrace a new power. We will take Kyne’s children as she has taken ours! May the false goddess weep tears of blood!

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