Catalyst Notes

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

I despair of ever finding a solution to the catalyst problem. Even Zur's usual unfounded optimism cannot seem to lift my spirits. I have gone over all possible candidates for a catalyst to ignite the process to forge the antipodal rods. The only substance that we might have access to is the corrupted blood of a feral creature.

We examined a dead creature and Zur tried to transform its blood, but his alchemical process was flawed. Our Daedric captors, however, apparently had more success in this area. Samples of corrupted blood are stored in the experiment chamber, where they are guarded by a monster the Daedra created using that very same blood.

Now you comprehend my despair. If I had enough strength to access my full power, I could easily subdue this monster and we could take as many vials of corrupted blood as we could carry. As it is, we barely have the energy to cast simple illusions, and even these fail more often than not. There is no way we could survive an encounter with the chamber's guardian.

Zur firmly holds to the hope that someone will find us. But I suspect that our Mages Guild companions are busy dealing with their own problems. I fear this mission has already ended in failure and that we are doomed to succumb to this soul-meld. But I shall not dash Zur's hope. As disorganized as he can be, I find some small comfort in his blind faith.

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