Sanavar’s Research Notes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Sanavar

Day 1

We know that the Dwarves had an advanced understanding of astronomy. To this day, the symbols used to represent the star signs are drawn from Dwemer writings.

Unfortunately, our knowledge begins and ends there. The few fragments of Dwarven writing that have been recovered are either too short to be informative or too complex to be translated.

It’s my hope that the Dwemer ruins in Craglorn will shed some light on the origin of the mysterious Mundus Stones that dot the countryside and explain their relationship to the star signs.

Specifically, I am using Muhay at-Turna’s invaluable guide to ancient Yokudan astronomy to compare symbology in Dwemer ruins to nearby Yokudan temples to see if I can establish a connection between the more recent observations to those of the long-vanished Dwarves.

If At-Turna’s theory is accurate and the Yokudans who settled Craglorn were following the star signs, then it is possible that they investigated the Dwemer ruins at an earlier time, before decay and wealth-seeking opportunists had done their destructive work. My hope is that a comparison of Yokudan and Dwarven writings will fill in gaps in the historical record.

Day 2

I have been fortunate that this ruin is much better preserved than many I have encountered.

However, this also means I must proceed with extra caution, as the slightest misstep could activate the Dwemer defenses and surely spell my doom.

Day 6

I returned to the surface today for supplies. I also sent copies of the few fragmentary Dwarven texts I’ve discovered in my library. I will try to decipher them later, when I have more time and access to my books.

Day 10

Damn it. The defenses have activated. I don’t know how it happened. I made certain not to touch anything!

Hopefully, someone will find my notes and can continue my research.

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