Ranger’s Correspondence

Author: Ancus and Cornelia
Released In:

Today's kill count:

Seven bureaucrats, two ogrim, and three legionaries. Beat that, Ancus!

Challenge accepted, Cornelia.

Today's kill count:

Three bureaucrats, four legionaries, and six ogrim.

Nice try, Ancus.

I've logged an official complaint with Captain Caudex. I saw one of your "killed" ogrim wandering around with an arrow sticking out of his foot—still very much alive. Better get those eyes checked.

Guilty as charged. I was going to finish him off, but watching that fat brute try to reach his toes was just too funny.

Spied three more ogrim with arrows in their feet. You're such a child.

It's the end of the world, Cornelia. We've got to get our kicks where we can.

Get it? Kicks? Try not to laugh too hard—you'll give up your position.

Believe me, Ancus, I'm quiet as the grave.

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