Gray Host Communique

Released In:
Author (in-game): Rada al-Saran

Exarch Tzinghalis, We are indebted to your great mind. Since your rebirth, you have brought our dream ever closer to reality. Obstacles that I chipped away at over millennia you cleave away in mere days.

The time for subterfuge is coming to an end. Continue the refinement of your techniques and supply the coven witches with the fruits of your labor. They must produce the ritual materials for Ulfra and her kin to deploy. Let the Nords fret over the random harrowstorms while we prepare to unleash the most powerful storm of all.

Send your refined netherroot brew to the midland camp and to my keep, along with everything else needed for the rituals. I will alert the coastal camp to prepare more medallions and send updated orders to our warlords in the Blackreach camp. Stay strong, my brother, for the Gray Host will soon live again!

Rada al-Saran

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