Letter to an Aldarch

Released In:
Author (in-game): Kinlord Astanamo the Penitent


You may be alone when you approach the shrines, hence I write to put before your eyes such knowledge as I know you do not possess.

Two shrines there are, one with a single fire for Trinimac, and the other with two for Xarxes. These sacred flames will not work for any who approach them impure of thought and deed. Let not your thoughts stray this time, for there shall be no one at hand to protect you.

Use the sacred fire to purify your gift, a veneration of the Destruction art from the Divines. Flames will dance and flow through the air, burning only that which needs to be burnt.

If any of the three fires be unlit, you must re-ignite it using the gift’s power directly. Embers or other spells shall not work.

Use it with care, for it is a powerful gift.

In the name of Auri-El himself, may his fiery breath keep us warm through these trying times.

— Kinlord Astanamo the Penitent

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