Journal of Adosi Fevur

Author: Adosi Fevur
Released In:

This book was added in the Bal Sunnar dungeon.

When she returned, we rejoiced. After a thousand year absence, our Blessed Founder emerged from the ground, resurrected. The old religion had mostly faded and so some doubted her claim. I did. How could we know?

Then, the Inheritance flared to life. It was miraculous to behold. The Matriarch held out her hand to it and whispered. I could not hear, but her faced appeared beatific. At that moment, we knew the truth.


The Matriarch was not as the stories said. She was not kind and filled with patience. She did not care for our well-being. I would describe her mostly as filled with rage. She spoke of rampaging enemies who slaughtered her subjects and stole her away. Revenge was her only goal.

We knew that she meant the Scourge. After so long, we thought it was just a scary tale. Monsters that blink into existence to steal the children. I suppose every story has a tiny kernel of truth.

After that, so much changed. Matriarch Lladi convinced us that we needed to prepare for another Scourge. We had to give all we could to protect the Inheritance. And we did. We have given absolutely everything.

Lord Peryite offered the most protection. That's what the Matriarch claimed. Fight a Scourge with a scourge, I suppose. We built a temple and moved the Inheritance there. Then, the sacrifices began. We have become surrounded by unrecognizable creatures. I'm not sure how they walk.

I wish I could say I resisted. But I worshiped just as hard as anyone. For that, I believe I will be punished.

Several days past, a sound cracked so loud I thought Nirn itself had split in two. The sky turned red and filled with smoke. We have not seen the sun since. Fire and stone rains down, destroying our home. No one knows what's happened to cause this. Perhaps it is a punishment.

For nearly three eras, Bal Sunnar has stood secluded from the world. Over thirty-five thousand years ago, the Matriarch brought this settlement into existence. Now, upon her return, I suspect she heralds its destruction.

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