Niborwen’s Journal

Author: Niborwen
Released In:

I wanted to take on the Black-Glove. He sounded interesting. Still, I can't complain about Aradros choosing me to stay by his side. It clearly means that he values my abilities and strategies more than Rethelros's wolf pack. Maybe I impressed Aradros with the plan to ambush the Oathsworn. After all, I was the one to suggest it. I'd never say this aloud, but I am brilliant. The plan worked perfectly! The pit is in our control.

Most of the Oathsworn initiates are dead and our time is dedicated to turning the remaining capable fighters to our cause. I don't think we persuaded any of them yet, but that's just because I'm not the one talking to the Oathsworn.

My duty lies by Aradros's side. I know that. So, no matter how much I want to challenge the Black-Glove and make him join the Recollection, I won't abandon Aradros. He was the one who made me see the truth. He opened my eyes to the hole in this plane and we're going to fix it. The Recollection will recover what was forgotten!


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