A Boon for the Tribe

Released In:
Author (in-game): Lorhiel


Lorhiel By Lorhiel, Wood Elf Huntress

I just can’t believe Father let me join him! When he was choosing warriors to accompany him to the Great Hunt, well, I barely got my hopes up. Y’ffre knows I’ve never had much skill with the bow or spear. But he told me, “Lorhiel, we’ve got to track whatever it is we’re hunting before we kill it, and you’re the best tracker in our tribe. Of course I would ask you to come.”

Me? The best tracker? Why, I always knew I was good, but the best! Even so, I know it’ll take all my skill to help my father win the Great Hunt.

I just hope we can succeed. Everyday, our tribe grows more and more hungry. I can barely stand to look anyone in the eye whenever we come back from an unsuccessful hunt. Sometimes I worry if perhaps we have lost Lord Hircine’s favor.

Well, if anything can put us back in our Lord’s good graces, it’s winning his Great Hunt. I just have to do my best to help my father succeed. I must, for the future of my tribe.

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