Tsoxolza’s Letter

Released In:
Author (in-game): Tsoxolza


Summerset is NOT the wondrous paradise the heralds proclaimed it to be. Despite the fine words in the Queen’s decree, the High Elves want nothing to do with outsiders. They treat the newcomers worse than a mud flea on a guar. As soon as I stepped off the boat, priests from the monastery collected me for some sort of “cultural assessment” to ascertain my “understanding of societal rules and regulations.” However, no one actually asked me any questions.

They locked me in a cell, somewhere in the bowels of the monastery, along with other newcomers to the island. Something about the whole affair felt wrong to me, like warm water in an otherwise cool stream. When I heard one of the monks give thanks with a Daedric prayer, I knew I had to get out of there. I used the talents I learned from associates who may or may not have belonged to the Thieves Guild (I know you disapprove of my friends) and slipped out of the cell and away from the monastery.

In the morning I plan to head to Alinor. Hopefully I can secure passage back to Murkmire there. Frankly, at this point any destination would be preferable to here.


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