Through the Weeping Scar

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

The Euraxians dig their claws deeper into Rimmen every passing day. Soon Khajiit won’t be able to breathe without the dung-queen’s permission. We drew far too much attention smuggling this shipment out of the city. It would be best to reach the Stitches before anyone decides to stop us.

* * *
Khajiit agreed that the shortest route would be through the Weeping Scar. This one does not like moving the wagons through the winding chasm, but he will follow.

* * *
The paths are narrow and difficult. We must space out the wagons to avoid any mishaps when they lose purchase and slide on rocky inclines. The Weeping Scar will be shorter, but this one is beginning to think it will not be faster. At least we are far from the prying eyes of the dung-queen.

* * *
It is too quiet here. Khajiit hears only the dry air howling through the jagged rock and pointy plants. No rustle of rodents or chirping of birds to be found. He is grateful there is no shortage of food among the caravanners.

* * *
This one has a bad feeling. Like there are eyes upon him. Perhaps the dung-queen’s agents followed after all. A few of us will stay behind to watch for pursuit and cover our trail.

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