Hope and Recriminations

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

You’ve turned this around and made some profit, so we’re going to roll the dice one more time.

H. wanted me to make sure you’ve got the manifest and the map. Our next destination is in the Aldmeri lands. The bulk of the cargo this time is going to be Breton wine.

The Elves have been charging big tariffs on imported wines. Their decision obviously has something to do with decreasing competition for their own vintners. If you can get those crates to port without an inspection, we’ll increase our profits by at least thirty percent. This should make up for some of your early mistakes.

I’m amazed that I have to remind you this, but make sure you don’t leave anything incriminating behind. No evidence. No witnesses. If you’ve hired someone you don’t trust to be quiet, dispose of him, too. When people fail, we dispose of them. Hint, hint.

We want to use this cave again. H. knows that if you can smuggle in wine into Summerset, you can smuggle in just about anything. If you leave a single manifest or letter, the guards will be watching for your return.

That means no more profits from you. One wandering pack of travelers could shut this whole operation down.

One more mistake could also bring your whole operation down.

Don’t burn me. Not like last time. H. expects nothing less than success.

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