Azum’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Azum

Hadran only brought me on because he wanted to expand his “side businesses.” My time in Orcrest gave me all the background I needed to run his games for him. Now, my “sideshows” are making more money than his damned slave-trade!

It’s not that I care about the meat. I don’t. If you’re dumb enough to get caught by Hadran, you’re dumb enough to be sold.

But that Elf harpy is reaching her talons further into Elsweyr every day. A little bird just told me she’s sent her damned Eyes into Dawnmead, sniffing around after Hadran, Ren-dro, Rakhad, and some of the other movers. She actually thinks she rules out here, the cow.

Fine, let her rule. And let Hadran rot. If I could get rid of him, I’d happily shut down the slave blocks. Like she would care about a few rigged games when Ren-dro is running military secrets out of Pa’alat.


Just need to find the right dupe to put a blade in that old cat’s back. Then the whole operation will be mine.

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