Novice Oscard’s Notes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Novice Oscard

Oscard Entry 3

Adjunct Daro was certainly correct about this place being connected to the Evergloam. Shadows and crows and other creatures of the night fill this realm the way sand fills an hourglass!

Entry 4

My initial exploration of the Shadow Cleft suggests it’s a secure position from which these vile creatures can launch an invasion of the Clockwork City! I must warn the rest of the Apostles.

Entry 5

These Night Sisters seem to be the leaders of this invasion force and the night terrors and cultists are their shock troops. I’ve recorded the numbers I’ve seen so we can better prepare our defenses.

Whispering Shadows Cultists 12

Night Terrors 17
Shade Hags 24
Dire Wolves 37

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