Claudina’s Notes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Claudina Ildene

Locals have reported strange and potentially spiritual activities at the following locations:

– The caves north of town are rumored to be haunted. Strange noises emit from the caves and several residents have felt what they describe as a chill wind blowing in the area.

– A miner eating their midday meal along the water’s edge was interrupted with a fright. Within the gurgling of the stream a disembodied voice called out. They described the voice as saying either, “You are doomed” or perhaps “I want some, too.” Fearful of sharing their lunch, they departed.

– The miner Grumog insists a ghostly force pushed him from the bridge into the water below as he was walking home after a few evening pints. Given Grumog’s known habits, locals seem to believe the only thing strange about this is that it doesn’t happen more. Will follow up, regardless.

– Floating lights have been witnessed along the ridge. Possible displaced light from nearby glowing fungi? Or spirits? We will find out.

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