Note to King Nantharion

Author: King Camoran Aeradan
Released In:


What in the Green are you up to? I’m livid! I’m sitting here reading your damned manifesto, and hearing reports of all this growth and movement … are you trying start another war, boy? Are you trying to get us exiled from the Pact?

I’ve got a stack of letters here, from the Queen, from Pact ambassadors, from Covenant ambassadors, three from Count Calantius alone. I want you or a representative here in Elden Root yesterday, do you hear me? The governors and magistrates that make up the Thalmor are demanding answers, and I can’t keep stalling.

Your family and I go way back, son, you know as well as I do that we’re always on a thin branch with these people. Please don’t make my job any harder than it already is.

You’re a loyal subject of Valenwood. I know it. I expect to hear from you soon.

– King Camoran Aeradan, Elden Root

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