Aloysius’s Note

Author: Aloysius
Released In:

(To whomever finds me. Deliver this letter and the ring in my bag to Tertia Falto in Leyawiin.)

Dearest Tertia,

"Go ahead and pet it. It's just a harmless mongrel," you said.

Little did I know how wrong we both were. The sorry-looking mutt was an omen, my sweet, and the harbinger of my demise.

I can still picture that perfect night in Leyawiin. Your face, radiant, resplendent. Shining in the sun as we walked among the streets. I wish, desperately wish, I could see it one more time. I wish.

I wish I'd given you the ring in my pocket and proposed to you as I planned.

I wish I hadn't instead reached down and tried to pet the damned dog. It bit me of course. But that superficial wound was just the start.

Naturally, I couldn't propose to you with blood gushing from my hand, so I bit my tongue, held my peace, and excused myself to the nearest healer. There, a kind Argonian bandaged my wound and provided a medicinal toad for the pain. Sadly, it would prove to be meager balm for the true injury.

As the sun set, I was wracked by wild, fever dreams. The last thing I recall was tearing off my clothing and running, howling into the night. I woke up in someone's chicken coop covered in blood and feathers.

Please, understand. I do this for you. Were I to see you again while under this curse, I might cause you harm. I couldn't live with myself if that happened, so I won't. I leave you the ring I never gave you. It was meant for you and no one else.

Always yours,

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